King 5 News: Local volunteer symphony orchestra making beautiful music
It's the Puget Sound Symphony Orchestra - a local symphony orchestra, non-profit and all volunteer, led by a conductor who doesn't make a dime and is having the time of his life.
Nashville Organization
Helps Deserving
Children Learn Music
institution created for the purpose of making quality music instruction available to talented, interested, deserving children from low income families at the nominal fee of 50 cents a lesson.

Music Standards For
Washington State

Each day we face many issues. One of the resources we have is the "Music Standards for Washington State." You can always find the "Standards" link under "Other Information" at the top of this page. This PDF file explains the rational for music education, outcomes of the music program, minimum music course offerings, scheduling and staffing, materials & equipment, facilities, concerts, festivals, travel, as well as music and athletic events.

We have many issues effecting the development of a child's gifting. These guidelines give direction and strength to what we do.

NBC Nightly News:
Music opens
'New Horizons' for retirees
A recent study found older adults who participate in arts programs have better overall health, boosted immune systems, even fewer doctor visits. NBC's Dawn Fratangelo reports. Read More.
NBC Nightly News:
Better Minds Through Music--Music and Math Study

Robert Bazell's Video Report!! Watch this!

The Dana Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports brain research and education among other projects, commissioned some of the nation's top neuroscientists to take a deep look at the question--see story

You can see the report out today on the Foundation’s website. For the first time, coordinated, multi-university scientific research brings us closer to answering the question: Are smart people drawn to the arts or does arts training make people smarter?––click here to go to the site.

Bands become more than just music to basketball fans' ears

Article By Sideline Smitty
Seattle Times staff reporter

Past National
School Board President
Advocates for Music

READ Past National School Board President's, Joan E. Schmidt, two articles (Music advocacy: Dancing With The School Board) and her NEWEST article (Singing Through The Dark Times) published on the <> site. Joan, who was the Washington State Music Conference Key Note Speaker, supports music and has some great insights.